Save 45% on Energy Usage with the T5 LED Tube Grow Light

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  • Get more PAR output while reducing your energy consumption by 45%
  • No need to pay for new fixtures. The T5 LED lights will work in your fluorescent ballasts, so it’s easy to install.
  • We’re so certain your T5 LED Tubes will last that if it burns out in less than 5 years we’ll replace it – free of charge!

The world’s first and only high-output LED T5 horticulture lamp! The LED is a direct replacement for 54 watt fluorescent T5 lamps without any re-wiring. Simply plug-and-play.

The LED T5 grow light doesn’t just grow plants better than fluorescent, it saves money. With electricity savings alone each lamp pays for itself and can save hundreds of dollars over the 5-year warranty.

The LED T5 grow light is better than its fluorescent counterpart in just about every way possible. It is mercury free, emits more light, lasts longer, is shatterproof and made in America.


  •   At 30 watts, twice the light output per watt as 54-watt fluorescent T5 lamp
  •   Increases PAR output AND reduces power consumption
  •   Direct replacement with NO rewiring. Works directly with fluorescent ballasts
  •   Multiple standard output colors and custom colors available
  •   50,000 hour lifetime (over 5 years of 24-hour use)
  •   Designed and manufactured in the USA with 5-year warranty
  •   Mercury free and 100% recyclable
  •   Shatterproof construction

Available in two standard colors. Our full spectrum photosynthetic white was formulated to grow any plant from seed-to-harvest. It works great for leafy greens, flowers or fruiting plants. For growers that specifically want to optimize fruiting and flowering, we are offering a wide band deep-red lamp to supplement our seed-to-harvest spectrum.